[WORLDWIDE] #DCPA2018 – Day 2 – Conference with Barry Melancon, CEO of AICPA

#DCPA2018 – Day 2 – Conference with Barry Melancon, CEO of AICPA

We live in a new world with an explosion of information : 2 500 000 000 000 000 000 bytes of data every day (source DOMO). Thanks to this fact, Barry Melancon gave us Professional issues for our profession.

Here are the main points to remember :

  • Our main features may be synthesized in 3 new roles : guided engagements, integrated data and cloud platform
  • Our profession has to not forget the basics : quality of Financial information, revenue recognition…
  • We have to optimize our processes and maximize our time and value with technologies : data analytics, dynamic audit solutions…
  • We need to explore adjacent opportunities : cybersecurity risk management, integrated reportings…
  • In term of Management accounting, we have to move from cost center to value driver and to build trust in clients businesses
  • Analytical thinking and Learning strategies are the most important skills to learn by 2022

>> Even if accounting work of today is on the TOP10 of the declining roles by 2022, our job stays a real thinking discipline. We have to learn, unlearn and relearn !


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