[EVENT] ECA Young Team in Bologna – Italy

On July 5, 2018 at the headquarters of the Chartered Accountant’s Order of Bologna was held the first meeting of the Young Chartered Accountants Commission of the Order of Bologna. Event during which the President of the Commission Giovanni Enrico Passarini, as well as a member of our association, gave a short presentation of the ECA Young Team project.

First of all, this conference was a fantastic opportunity to bring together many figures working on the territory of the city of Bologna: young accountants, the University, the National Council of Chartered Accountants and much more.

It wasn’t only a simple presentation of a new reality; it was an incredible moment of networking that we hope can be a good starting point.

Within this event ,ECA Young Team Association found a special space.

The member of the ECA Association Giovanni Enrico Passarini explained to the audience the main characteristics of our association and our goals and objectives.

Our participation in the Convention of the Order of Bologna had the main purpose of sharing our project with an important Italian area both from a cultural and economic point of view.

In this way it will be possible to extend our area of action, find new interested people and get feedback to improve ourselves.

The audience of the conference was very interested and welcomed the presentation with thoughtful questions.

Those questions mainly concerned the countries that participate in our project until now and those we intend to contact in the near future.

This shows how the idea of aggregating multiple countries under one organization is considered as interesting and farsighted. This is a fantastic feedback that gives us even more willingness to bring this project to success.

So we say a big thank you to the Order of Chartered Accountants of Bologna for hosting us, demonstrating how the city of Emilia is always very receptive to the issues of innovation and internationalization.

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